Sunday, October 5 is the day! Then is the collection RiRi hearts MAC available at the MAC counters. I missed the two previous collections, so I want to really get some now!

I put to you the three must haves for me in a row and I want at least buy one thing. It is not a cheap collection, so I can’t buy everything (unfortunately!!)

Blush – Bad Girl Gone Good €22,-

Powder blush duo – Hibiscus Kiss €27,50

187SE – €48
282SE – €37

I find the whole collection is very nice, but I’m still looking for a good blush so that’s why there are two of them on my list. You can view the entire collection here. And you can already order your product!

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Oh I’m so in love with these leather sweatpants! I really want one!! But now about the outfit. It is very basic but also different from normal. The top & pants are sporty and the necklace & shoes are chique.


I’m really addicted to shopping .. damn. Every time I shop it makes me happy. Last week I’ve bought some nice items I think. I have shopped at H&M, I am, Zara and Only.
ANDDDDDD I have found already 2 things from my wishlist! The pistol boots and the arm cuff.
Here are the amazing items:

– Jacqueline de YONG t-shirt €9,95 from Only. (I’m obsessed with guns)
– And a basic top €2,99 from Zara.

– T-shirt with stars, this one was only €2,99 and I am totally in love with this shirt! I’ve got it from Zara.
– A basic white t-shirt €2,99 got it from Zara too.

– Pistol boots €29,95 from H&M.
– Knuckle rings €4,95 from H&M.
– And a lovely arm cuff €9,95 from I am.

So, what do you think of my purchases?

This week I was in the zoo called Apenheul. But it is not a normal zoo, there are only monkeys! In the first part (and the best) are small squirrel monkeys running around. This is sooo awesome! I can throughout the day between those monkeys sitting.

For those who have never been there: it is highly recommended!

I do not really like goats..

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? I want to take him home!!

Little bastards.

I always have musthaves.. I just want so many things! But it is TOO much. That’s why I have made a selection, from the things I REALLY REALLY wanna buy. And here they are:

– A top with a Versace logo
– A knitted hat
– A gold armcuff
– Chanel blush
– Pistol lookalike boots
– A new gold watch
– And a new (school) bag. Preferably not a black one because I have always black bags.


So, what do you think of my musthaves? And do you have musthaves?

YEAH! I’ve made my Timberland boots all black! And I’m really really happy with it. Here the result:

Aren’t they gorgeous?



So what do you think about this transformation? Do you like it?

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I have bought a year ago (maybe longer I think) Timberland boots. The colour of them is like old yellow, and not the yellow that everyone has. But I don’t like them anymore in that colour.. so I wanna make them black!

So what do you guys think? Should I do it?


And.. Yes! I have finally bought some new things. And I’m really happy with it! Do you wanna see what I’ve bought today? Let’s take a look:


A black jeans. This one was €25,99 and it’s from Bershka.

A “sporty” looking sweater. The white areas on the sleeves are made from fake leather. And I’m just really obsessed with (fake) leather! This one was €9,95 and I’ve got it from H&M.

A basic T-shirt with a lovely text on it. This one was €14,95 and I’ve bought it at Zara.

A loooooovely sweatpants from Bershka. This one was only €14,99 and I’m totally in love with it! BUT normally I’m wearing a small size, but this one is a large!! Omg these pants are very very small.

And a body warmer. This one was €9,99 and I’ve got it from Wibra!


So.. I’ve bought some nice things I think. And everything was so cheap!? Sorry that my English isn’t very well, I’m still learning it!