Ik heb weer een beetje rondgekeken op webshops wat er allemaal nieuw is. De laatste tijd ben ik echt een schoenen en tassen addict geworden. Natuurlijk nam ik ook een kijkje op de webshop van Zara, en wauuuuuw! Ze hebben er weer een paar diamantjes bij zitten! Ik heb de drie (naar mijn mening) leukste schoenen eruit uitgepikt, en ik wil ze graag met jullie delen.

Bonten instapper met kwastje €79,95. Wauw, ik ben echt verliefd op deze schoenen! Ze zijn echt helemaal mijn stijl en makkelijk te combineren. Alleen ik ben bang dat ze wat te koud zijn voor het weer van nu.. maar ach, wie weet zitten ze binnenkort wel onder mijn voetjes!

Running TRF schoenen €49,95. Deze runners vind ik écht heel erg mooi. De laatste tijd heb ik echt een obsessie met running shoes, omdat deze gewoon heerlijk lopen en omdat ik ze ook erg stoer vind!

Leren enkellaars met rits €119. Dit zijn echt de ideale laarzen voor deze winter. Fashionable, maar toch warm. Met deze laarzen worden je voeten niet nat in de regen!

Welke van de drie vind jij het leukst? En heb jij zelf nog ergens leuke schoenen gezien of al gekocht?

I’m really a shopping addict (like every woman nowadays). It’s actually really bad, but I’m just happy when I occasionally treat myself. Do you want to see what I bought recent weeks? Let’s take a look:

Ohhh this bag!! I love it. It’s big, furry and perfect for school.

A faux fur waistcoat. Nice and warm on a leather jacket!

A sporty sweater, I just love sweaters!

A clothbrush. I really need this to have at home, especially now with all that fur jackets and bags haha. Fluff everywhere!

New golden rings! I’m really fond of multiple rings on one hand, and I really like the “knuckle ring” trend.

My new love! This bag is really beautiful, I like the crocodile print. This bag is also good for school!

What do you think of my purchases? And what would you buy? Or what did you bought this month? I would love to know!

HELP! I want to put a translation plugin on my blog, but it doesn’t work! I tried for example the Google Translater, I’ve copied the code and pasted in my text widget but I only see the code on my page? You’ll see on the right sidebar of my blog a code and that’s the code from the Google Translater. So you see, there is NO translater.

What am I doing wrong?

If someone mind this, or know what I’m doing wrong please tell it in a comment!!

Through a tip from blogger Annet, I am thinking to start blogging in Dutch. If I do, I’ll put a google translater on my blog so that foreign visitors are been able to follow my blog!

So should I start blogging Dutch or still continue blogging in English?

Please let me know!

I think the clothes from Givenchy are really great. Unfortunately, Givenchy is very expensive, so I have nothing of the brand itself. But I’m inspired by the clothing. Zara, for example, sells shirts inspired by Givenchy. You also have nowadays many knock-offs, such as the famous “rottweiler” shirts and sweaters.

What do you think of Givenchy? And would you wear the clothes or not?

outfit givenchy
I just love this outfit. It’s exactly my style and I would rock it!

Do you know FabFem already? If you don’t know FabFem, you really missed something!

“F A B F E M – We stand for all things Fabulous and Feminine! However, we hold our value in our F E M – which abbreviates Female Empowerment Movement. We have created a platform by women, for women. We are based in the UK and currently have an audience of 20,000+ people in 30 different countries. We have a team that showcase the latest trends, motivational posts, lifestyle and fitness tips, business and personal advice which you can find on the above tabs. We have introduced many sectors to our brand including fashion – we have a clothing collection that you can check out at our shop.” – F A B F E M

If you want to know more about FabFem, go to www.fabfem.co.uk and let the female power speak!

One of the great items they sell is this CC sweater, which I’m totally in love with! Unfortunately I don’t have much money to spend, but I think this sweater is really a musthave! What do you think?

The CC sweater can be ordered here, or do you want to look further into the shop? Click here for the shop.

Isn’t he lovely?!

Fake fur is really the trend this fall/winter. And I absolutely love this trend! It’s warm, it looks nice and furry, and it is a nice item for your fashion collection.

Below are some examples of faux fur items you’ll see this fall/winter (or already have seen)

This is Ciara, last week in Paris. She is wearing a pink fluffy sweater from the novice designer Deriane van Overeem. By the way: I love her outfit!

I have this bag! And I’m soooo happy with it, I do not regret that I bought it. He is also quite large, so ideal for school. You can buy this bag here.

A furry coat. I’m still looking for a (similar) furry coat, but I can not find anything nice. Does anyone have any tips?

This is the blogger Mirjam Schuurkamp. She wears a furry vest, and I think the combination of the clothes here are very nice!

So, what do you think about the faux fur trend? Do you like it or not?


Sunday, October 5 is the day! Then is the collection RiRi hearts MAC available at the MAC counters. I missed the two previous collections, so I want to really get some now!

I put to you the three must haves for me in a row and I want at least buy one thing. It is not a cheap collection, so I can’t buy everything (unfortunately!!)

Blush – Bad Girl Gone Good €22,-

Powder blush duo – Hibiscus Kiss €27,50

187SE – €48
282SE – €37

I find the whole collection is very nice, but I’m still looking for a good blush so that’s why there are two of them on my list. You can view the entire collection here. And you can already order your product!

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